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Press Release

Cyberspace & Intellectual Property Foundation (CIPFO) is organizing Workshop on “Managing Online Identity” on 26th February, 2010 at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, India.

With the advent of Online Domain Names, User Names and ever-expanding space of gTLD’s and ccTLD’s, it is becoming very important and difficult to manage your identity on the internet.

The corporations, business houses and individuals are facing problems in understanding and choosing the right names and extensions online and to refrain from unintentionally infringing other’s right while choosing Domain/User Name on the web.

This workshop “Managing Online Identity” is designed to help industry understand the potential loss for not securing their Identities on web and also debates about the potential risks involved if your names are infringed. The workshop also provides for the ways to handle disputes in case of potential infringement by third parties or to defend the same if the complaint is filed against you.

Besides this, CIPFO with the experience of its Team members is organizing Domain Trading session for the first time in India to buy and sell Domain Names through auction. The Domains can be submitted for review with us by visiting

There shall be a LIVE session where buyers and sellers of the Domain Names can bid on the names submitted by the third parties at the venue itself.

The workshop registration can be done by visiting the link below.

To become the member or to know more about the organization please visit at



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