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The membership of the society is open to any person or persons who has attained the age majority and abide by the terms & conditions of the society, without discrimination of religions, cast, color, creed but subject to the approval of the governing body.

The governing body of the society may refuse any person for the membership.

Membership Fee :

Individual Member : Rs. 1,000/- per year
Corporate Member : Rs. 5,000/- per year

   Individual Membership - Benefits

        Shall get the Workshop/Seminar Discounts

        Get an opportunity to submit your research papers on the               relevant  issues of Cyberspace & Intellectual Property.

        Shall have an exclusive right to network with the other              members of the society through organization get              togethers and through online member conference calls .

        Periodic Newsletter on the relevant subject.

        Periodic advisories on the subject of cyber space and               intellectual property.


   Corporate Membership - Benefits

        All benefits of individual Memberships

        Shall have a right to publish the company profile & logo              on organization’s website.

        Members shall have a First right of Sponsorship

        Shall have a privilege to organize event at their preferred               time & location

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Corporate Member

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