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About Us

Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Foundation (CIPFO) is an organization headquartered at New Delhi, India. The organization is the fusion of Internet and intellectual property professionals formed with an aim to disseminate knowledge about the Cyberspace and Intellectual Property.

Having experts in the field of Internet research, Internet laws, Internet technologies, Academic and Intellectual Property, CIPFO aims to defend the rights of the individuals, corporations and students willing to protect themselves online or in the physical world.

Our Objective

  1. To conduct research in the field of Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Laws.

  2. To promote education in the field of Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Laws.

  3. To generate awareness by conducting seminars, workshops & conferences related to Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Laws.

  4. To publish educational and awareness materials.

  5. To work towards protecting the rights of victims of Cyber crimes and Intellectual Property violations.

  6. To enter into strategic partnerships/joint ventures with other organisations having similar objectives.

  7. To participate in meaningful dialogues with agencies responsible for making and implementing Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Laws.

  8. To engage in study and implementation of the emerging techniques in the area of community building, Virtual networks, Internet and to contribute to the evolution of a democratized cyberspace and responsible Netizens.

  9. To advocate for global action on pertinent issues of cyberspace and Intellectual Property rights viz. governance, dynamics, norms and standards, assessment of laws.



To know more about CIPFO and its activities contact us.

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