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Cyberspace & Intellectual Property Foundation & would like to advise that a Phishing attempt is being made by some anonymous phishers by sending the following e-mail.

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About Us

Cyberspace and Intellectual Property Foundation (CIPFO) is an organization headquartered at New Delhi, India. The organization is the fusion of Internet and intellectual property professionals formed with an aim to disseminate knowledge about the Cyber Space and Intellectual Property.

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.Tel , a new gTLD was launched last year . It revolutionized the Internet by coming up with unique features. Dot Tel is not just an extension but a service that provides the contact information and business details of the Registrant to the world. It’s the virtual Visiting Card that can be shared online and offline by giving the URL of the domain name. For example, if you need to contact me or you need to know about me

Good Security Habits:
Disconnect your computer from the Internet when you aren't using it. The development of technologies such as DSL and cable modems have made it possible for users to be online all the time, but this convenience comes with risks. The likelihood that attackers or viruses scanning the network for available computers will target your computer becomes much higher if your computer is always connected. Depending on what method you use to connect to the Internet, disconnecting may mean disabling a wireless connection, turning off your computer or modem, or disconnecting cables. When you are connected, make sure that you have a firewall enabled
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